Welcome to OMRI, the Online Masonic Research Institute, a pet project of Brother Owen Lorion, joined by Bro. Charles E. Martin and others. It has no connection to any Grand Lodge or subordinate Lodge, except in that Owen is a member in good standing of Cerrillos Lodge #19 in Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Lodges of Research in NM, So.Cal., and MO; and Charles is a member in good standing of a lodge in VA, and a NY military lodge UD currently stationed in Afghanistan.

The menu is at left. Look it over and decide where you want to go. You can personalize the site by selecting your own color scheme, we have a chat room, and there are a number of indexes available to help you navigate the Masonic Web. The acronym OMRI could be almost OMNI, since we might report on almost anything Masonic. Actually, it's an homage to Owen's favorite place as a kid in Portland: the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

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